Fall Prevention Program for those over 65…

Falls are a major health concern among older adults.  Reports show that 1 in 3 Americans over the age of 65 will fall each year.  Research has also shown that falls can be decreased with physical therapy intervention.  Alpine Sports Medicine’s Fall Prevention Program provides a thorough balance assessment and individualized plan to address the found deficits.  For more details and information click here to see our brochure.

The following clip shows Karen Procino, PT working with a patient whom has Parkinson’s Disease and has multiple falls a year.  Since starting PT, he reports increased stability, ease of movement and decreased falls.

We look forward to working with you or your loved one to keep everyone healthy, active and doing what they love.

Calling all Park City Seniors…

posted by:  Karen Procino, PT

Park City is one of the most active cities I know. People who live here often make exercise a priority every day and that includes the 65 and older population. Hiking, biking and skiing are amongst the most popular activities for this age group. In fact, one gentleman that I treated last year had a goal of skiing more than a hundred days this year. Those who aren’t this hard core often still have goals of doing some form of exercise 2-4 times per week, including Tai Chi, walking or water aerobics.

A good exercise program that includes strengthening, stretching and balance re-training can help make your activities even more enjoyable and allow you to continue to do them year after year. A thorough physical therapy assessment will  help us develop an individualized program to optimize your performance and safety in your daily activities as well as you recreational activities. We feel you can teach us as much about life and living as we can teach you about exercise and a health lifestyle. Enjoy the upcoming winter and see you on the slopes!

For more information on developing an exercise program contact the office or simply stop by.