Alpine is First to Offer Trigger Point Dry Needling in Park City

Alpine Sports Medicine is proud to be the first Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy practice in Park City, Utah to offer  Trigger Point Dry Needling.  Continue reading “Alpine is First to Offer Trigger Point Dry Needling in Park City”

Alpine Sports Medicine Hosts Physical Therapy Students

Last fall we hosted two Physical Therapy students who came to Park City and spent from 2-10 weeks at our clinic. Continue reading “Alpine Sports Medicine Hosts Physical Therapy Students”

Employee Spotlight: Adrianne Musick

Welcome to Adrianne Musick, she is a physical therapist and joined the Alpine Sports Medicine team back in January.  Spend a moment to get to know her a little better.

Adrianne is a Physical Therapist with a wide variety of clinical experience from sports medicine to acute care as well as pediatrics to geriatrics. She graduated from the University of Michigan with her bachelor’s degree in Movement Science, and then pursued her passion for rehabilitation by earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University in Chicago. While at Northwestern, Adrianne had extensive clinical training in orthopaedic physical therapy specializingDSC_0016 in shoulder, knee, hip and ankle conditions treated both conservatively and post-operatively. After graduation, Adrianne decided to combine her passions for physical therapy and outdoor recreation with a move to Utah. While in Utah her career lead her to Neuro/Trauma Rehabilitation which allowed her to work with patients with a variety of neurologic and orthopaedic diagnoses including stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, total joint replacement and complex medical conditions. After gaining this variety of experience, Adrianne moved to Park City and is excited to apply her dedication for patient care in our community. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, playing soccer, snowboarding, and running during her free time.

2013 PC Extreme Cup Soccer Tournament

316431_homeIt’s that time a year again,  the 10th annual Park City Extreme Soccer Tournament will be held in Park City August 1st-3rd.  We at Alpine Sports Medicine are really excited to continue to provide the medical coverage and have 10 athletic trainers for 8 venues in Park City and surroundingphoto areas.

The tournament has become very popular, not only for Utah teams, but several teams come from out-of-state to stay and play in Park City. This year not only did the tournament have to add a new venue in Heber, but we (ASM) are adding more athletic trainers to make sure we provide quality medical coverage at all the venues along with those with multiple fields and older age groups. No one wants injuries, but with a high level of competition and fatigue as the tournament progresses, injuries happen.  We treat not only athletes, but have taped up several referee’s and spectator’s.

Alpine Sports Medicine is also available for free injury assessments in the clinic for all athletes and have a list of local medical providers if further care or treatment is necessary.

It has been wonderful to be able to support the Park City Soccer Club and their tournament, along with this great community we live in. We wish all the teams good luck and a hat’s off to the Park City Soccer Club for putting on one of the best tournament’s in the state of Utah!

Lana Burton Fills Shoes this Summer at Alpine Sports Medicine

Meet Lana Burton, she is the newest addition to the staff at Alpine Sports Medicine Clinic and will be filling in for Janna Mann this summer while she is on maternity leave.   Continue reading “Lana Burton Fills Shoes this Summer at Alpine Sports Medicine”

The Ultimate Hockey Mom!

by: Annelise Fund
Annelise is the newest member of Alpine Sports Medicine clinic and is extremely happy to be part of the great team at ASM serving as an athletic trainer. 

Over the past fall and winter, I’ve been the head athletic trainer for the Park City Jr. Moose hockey team. The kids on the team are between the ages of sixteen and twenty and came from all over the world to play. Continue reading “The Ultimate Hockey Mom!”

Steph Fagin, Continues Here Education in Postural Restoration.

Hi there, Iʼm Steph Fagin, MSPT and the most recent addition to Alpine Sports Medicine since Feb., 2010. I graduated in 1986 from Washington University School of Physical Therapy in St. Louis, MO. Iʼve spent most of my 25 years working in the outpatient orthopedic/sports medicine environment with a few initial years working in acute care rehab. Continue reading “Steph Fagin, Continues Here Education in Postural Restoration.”

Mark Moeller: Early Summer Update on TKR Surgery Rehab

Hello everyone, It has been a quite a while since my last update. I was just discouraged with the lack of progress on my knees and therefore didn’t feel there was much positive info to share. Continue reading “Mark Moeller: Early Summer Update on TKR Surgery Rehab”

Meet Karen Procino, Physical Therapist

Karen is a physical therapist with 15 years experience.  She has worked in a variety of settings, giving her a diverse background and comprehensive understanding of the demands of a physical therapist. Continue reading “Meet Karen Procino, Physical Therapist”

Robert Cervantez: Tour of Utah Volunteer

I would like to say that I had a great experience as a volunteer for the Tour of Utah. I would like to begin by saying thank you to Executive Director Karen Weiss, Volunteer Coordinator John Cotter and many others that helped organize and execute a great week of bicycle racing in the sate of Utah. This race would not be possible without the assistance of the thousands of cycling enthusiast that volunteered their time to help. GREAT JOB UTAH VOLUNTEERS. Give yourself a big hand.

I was a bit nervous about volunteering for an event on such a large-scale as course driver. I did not want to make a mistake (i.e. wrong turn and end up on ESPN Sports Center every hour- Thank god that did not happen). I believe I volunteered via the Tour of Utah web page in April stating the times and dates in would be available to help. I receive my first e-mail from John Cotter in early July describing my preliminary assignments, duties and important training dates, along with asking for more volunteer time if able. I went from 1 day to 3 days as a volunteer. Several dates were provided to attend training that accommodated my schedule. My initial training consisted of an introduction of the Tour organizers and there roles, safety education and breakout groups with the organizers to go over our roles in more specific detail. My second, meeting was the Race Director and Caravan Coordinator. It was mind-blowing all the information that was provided for the safety of the rides, community, course motorcycles and drivers. As a cycling enthusiast who has seen the Tour de France on TV many times I never knew how much behind the seen coordination must go on a daily basis to orchestrate a safe race. I now have a little richer appreciation of all the Grand Tour races.

An estimated 10,000 people came out to support an Epic bike race on Main Street. Park City fans are the BEST. It was great to see some of the local rides perform at such a high level. Rides like Brad Gehrig, Todd Hageman, Billy Demong, Burke Swindelhurst, Jeff Louder to name a few. The future is bright for the Tour of Utah. I only hope that big name racers like Leipheimer, Mancebo, Hincapie and others continue to come and support a great Utah race.