I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know….

…Lindsey Van held the hill record on the Vancouver 2010 jump hill leading into this winter
…Lindsey is/was the first woman to be crowned “World Champion” in Nordic ski jumping
…Lindsey is part of the Alpine Sports Medicine team here in Park City, Utah

Now that the Vancouver 2010 games are over, we thought we would share this video which recently aired on msnbc.com.  Once you’ve watched this video, we assume you’ll have similar feeling as we all do here – “how can this be?”  Well, watch the video and formulate your own opinions.  We wish Lindsey and all the women involved in this battle to bring this sport to the masses the very best of luck in the future.

Keep track of of the women at the offical website site of Women’s Ski Jumping USA, on Facebook and Twitter @letwomenjump

MSNBC Story on Women\’s Nordic Ski Jumping