Andrea’s Pre and Post Operation – Hip Replacement

We are now a family of artificial hips (my husband had his done last year). I had a friend call us “the hippies.”

So the prep for surgery included taking Coumadin and wiping the surgical areas with an antibacterial wipe three days prior to surgery to avoid any possible infection, plus no food after midnight day prior. I called the night before to get my surgery time and I was told to be there by 1:15pm, that means I will be really hungry! Who gets the early times anyway? Maybe if you are young you get the latest times.

Day of surgery: needed to leave by noon to be there by 1:15 pm. I was nervous the whole drive, but committed. We checked in and the pre-op began. First putting on those sexy gowns, socks and hat, urine test, and another20141217_152031 antibacterial wipe down. All ready to go and Dr. Rasmussen comes in to give me the low down. I like that he always goes into detail for me, since he knows I would want to knowThen the anesthesiologist arrives. The person I’ve been the most nervous about, he’s young, handsome, and looks like he knows what he is doing. Guess I need to put my life in his hands. Yikes!!

It is now around 3PM and it’s go time, seems the older patient before me took more time than expected, I’m the last surgery of the day. Time to hug my husband and my mom, then off I go down the hall. We arrive in the cold room with the metal tables and people is space suits. Looks sterile! Better be! I was told to sit on the table and in no time I remember nothing until I woke up in recovery.

I spend the next two days in the hospital with a variety of really nice nurses and drugs – some worked and 20141217_194651others didn’t. Met a great inpatient PT, who reviewed what I knew, but under the influence I simply did what I was told. I did torture the OT who came in to review how to handle the dressings, and activities at home – it’s not like I’ve never given this presentation. The labs came back, I get to go home 2 days after surgery – early release! I’ll be having a few home visits to check vitals and incisions. Since they don’t have me on Coumadin, only baby aspirin twice a day, it eliminates the additional home visits and dietary restrictions.

Quick discharge from the hospital and we are headed home. Comfortable in my renovated loft area with a TV, my medications, and my favorite dog Blue. All is good so far, rest and not too much else. Not doing anything, that’s going to be the most difficult!


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