The Ultimate Hockey Mom!

by: Annelise Fund
Annelise is the newest member of Alpine Sports Medicine clinic and is extremely happy to be part of the great team at ASM serving as an athletic trainer. 

Over the past fall and winter, I’ve been the head athletic trainer for the Park City Jr. Moose hockey team. The kids on the team are between the ages of sixteen and twenty and came from all over the world to play.

My most memorable injury this season was when I had to go out onto the ice after a member of the opposing team took a big hit into the boards and didn’t get up. After getting to him and figuring out he was suffering a concussion, I asked him where his team was playing. He responded with “Finland.” Concussions were a big part of the season’s injuries, and getting them back to playing fully recovered was assisted with the help of Melinda Roalstad, MS, PAC, of Think Head First and the physical therapist at ASM.

Another memorable incident was when someone from the opposing team took a puck to the face. The puck cut the outside of his cheek but the bigger issue was how his teeth cut the inside of his cheek. Because the laceration went all the way through his cheek and I could not get the bleeding to stop, I had to send him to the ER. When he came back, he told me he got eight stitches to the inside of his mouth and three on the outside. Hockey players are some of the toughest athletes I have ever worked with. The kid played the next day!

As head athletic trainer for the Moose, I was in charge of emergency first aide during the games and pre-game treatment for both teams. If an injury occurred during the game, an assessment would be done and the next step of treatment was decided. An athletic trainer has to work under the supervision of an MD and the team physician this year was Dr. Eric Heiden. If the assessment warranted further evaluation, an appointment would be made with Dr. Heiden.

I really enjoyed working with the hockey team and learned how to skate myself. The next venture is with Park City soccer during the summer. When I am working in the clinic, I work closely with the physical therapist on staff setting up modalities, helping patients with their therapeutic exercise, and educating patients on their at home exercises. I have really enjoyed getting to know the patients at ASM and working to get them back to return to whatever it is they enjoy doing!

Author: alpinesportsmed

Alpine Sports Medicine provides physical therapy, orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, massage therapy, and hand therapy services. Our team of physical therapists, exercise specialists, and massage therapists provide each patient world-class, personalized care to assist them in full recovery from injury.

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