Steph Fagin, Continues Here Education in Postural Restoration.

Hi there, Iʼm Steph Fagin, MSPT and the most recent addition to Alpine Sports Medicine since Feb., 2010. I graduated in 1986 from Washington University School of Physical Therapy in St. Louis, MO. Iʼve spent most of my 25 years working in the outpatient orthopedic/sports medicine environment with a few initial years working in acute care rehab. However, just to mix things up a bit, I became certified in canine physical therapy and owned a business working with many local veterinary clinics and surgeons rehabilitating dogs with both orthopedic and neurological problems. My focus was educating owners on how to rehab their dogs in their home environment. Surprisingly enough, I never imagined how similar dogs and humans are in their sports injuries!
Since I resumed my focus on the “2-legged” species, Iʼve become interested in looking at the body from a different perspective. Over the course of my 25 years Iʼve observed a consistent pattern, especially in athletes, of repetitive injuries to a specific area that would improve over time with treatment but never fully resolved or would travel to another body part. I also began to see a similar chain of events and body patterning in many different people. This is when I discovered a specific approach to treating injuries called Postural Restoration.
Postural Restorationʼs basic concept is that the human body is NOT symmetrical! Our organ systems on the right side of our body are positioned and weighted differently than the left. This system asymmetry is a good thing! This is how our bodies are designed to function. However, if we overuse one side and underuse the other, our bodies begin to break down and a whole chain of events occur which eventually manifests itself as pain or injury. By using postural restoration a therapist can recognize imbalances and typical right/left dominant patterns and train our patients to use their bodies more efficiently…..the way they were designed.
I have found that this approach not only addresses the problem/pain you might have but is also effective in injury prevention of other areas of the body as well as re-injury to the present area being treated. If only one part of the body is addressed then weʼve only solved a few pieces of the puzzle!!
The key to success in this approach is like any other in our profession…..patient compliance! You have to take responsibility in your rehab and follow through with the instructions your therapist gives you. There is no such thing as a quick-fix with no effort from the patient. The human body requires constant attention to keep all our systems balanced and I would imagine that we all can agree that weʼre worth it!!!!
I plan on pursuing my education in the Postural Restoration approach until I become a certified Postural Restoration therapist. I also hope to bring some of these courses to our Park City location. For more information on this topic go to postural restoration website.

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