Mark Moeller: Early Summer Update on TKR Surgery Rehab

Hello everyone, It has been a quite a while since my last update. I was just discouraged with the lack of progress on my knees and therefore didn’t feel there was much positive info to share.

I have now crossed the 6 month mark post operatively from my bilateral knee replacements. It sure has been a long winter…in many, many ways! Surgery at the end of October, and 3 unanticipated bilateral knee manipulations over the course of the following 6 months! I would definitely say that I have not had a smooth, or normal recovery from my knee replacements. I do feel as if I lost about 3 months time throughout my recovery due to the pain and unexpected Range of motion issues I encountered.

Basically, even though I am now 6 months out of surgery, I feel as if I am realistically at about 3 months out if things had gone smoothly. The root of my problem has been a really tight fit with my new knee joints. In the long-term, this should be a good thing and I should end up with good, solid, stable knee joints. The problem that I have encountered ( and am still dealing with) has been my soft tissue structures surrounding my knee joints have been subjected to a constant stretch. (muscles, tendons, ligaments,capsule,etc) Basically, my soft tissue structures have been under a constant pull and simply have not accommodated to the new length created with my new replaced knee joints. I do feel as if I can ride out the storm and give it more time that things will work themselves out and both my knees will accommodate to the new length. This “tight fit ” issue has caused me to have pretty constant knee pain and a lot of difficulty with the range of motion of my knees.

As time went by this past winter, my primary focus was on maintaining and improving my knee Range of Motion. I had to put strengthening on hold until my Range of Motion was adequate. Currently, my knees are still very painful and stiff, but at least my Range of Motion is at a functional level. I am back working my normal daily schedule, helping coach my daughters Lacrosse team and now that the weather has finally started to improve, riding my road bike fairly consistently. I can spin without pain, but hills are still painful, especially when I stand and pedal. But I feel as if bicycling this Summer and Fall is really going to be the difference maker for me. I have already pledged to make this summer my ” comeback year on the bikes”!

Even though it still hurts, I am not going to stop! My ultimate goal is to return playing routine adult rec ice hockey! I am ready to gut it out for the long haul to be able to get myself back skating again. Anyway, I hope to see you all out this summer on the road bike or on the trails mountain biking. Right now I am not too tough to spot… I am the slow guy……but getting faster everyday!



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2 thoughts on “Mark Moeller: Early Summer Update on TKR Surgery Rehab”

  1. Hi Mark, Been following your recovery and glad to see you are starting to make some decent progress. I too am facing TKR on my right knee June 18th 2012. My left to follow sometime within the following year. I’m out in North Carolina and my surgery will take place at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. I have a real competent surgeon so I’m trying to stay positive about my future outcome. Keep us posted with updated reports and best of luck to you and the ice hockey ~ sounds like a good goal to work towards. Mine is to return to bodybuilding and cycling once both knees are complete. Best wishes to you!
    Sincerely, Greg Farrell

  2. HI Mark another PT here, Considering your difficult experiences with knee replacement recovery would love for you to read and review my book
    Fast Track Your Recovery from a Knee Replacement on Amazon. Hope all has worked out well for you.

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