Mark Moeller: Another Check in on Mark’s TKR Rehab

Mark Continues to work hard on the rehabilitation processes associated with Total Knee Replacement surgery.  Here is another BLOG entry from Mark….

Just a quick update on my progress > I was able to get rid of the forearm crutches exactly 2 weeks after my surgery. I was  also able to begin stretching out the doses of pain medicine at 2 weeks as well, from every 4 hours to every 8 hours. At Post op week 3, I was able to cut down the pain meds to 2 x daily. It is still difficult to get comfortable while sleeping. I usually wake up every couple of hours and try to get comfortable again. I have not been too concerned about the restless sleep because I still have not had to go back to work yet. If I need a nap during the afternoon before the kids get home from school……I can!  My staples were removed 3 weeks following surgery and the incisions are  now fully closed and I am able to soak my knees in the tub. The heavy feeling in my thighs is gradually reducing and I am achieving better quadricep control. I am now 4 weeks out of surgery and walking fairly well. The biggest problem that I am faced with is limited Range of Motion and stiffness in my knee that was replaced. I would still describe my left knee as feeling like “cement.”  I am having a very difficult time getting my knee to bend…. even just to 90 degrees! I have been working my ROM daily and have been have been stuck around 95 degrees. My world record is now 101 degrees but that is completely MAXED OUT. My quadriceps muscle feels as if it is going to rip off my quad tendon. With all my prior knee surgeries, I  have usually been on the tighter side and have always had to work hard to get my ROM (“Range of Motion” for those of us not in the business) back. However, this time is definitely the tightest and stiffest my knee has ever been! I have had to rely on assistance from Janna and Andrea to lean on me a little bit just to make any progress! I have been able to ride the stationary bicycle daily , but I still haven’t been able to get rid of a hip-hike on my left side when I get to the top of the pedal stroke. It still hurts to do it, but I suppose it is a hurt so good type of pain, I know that I need to do it. I still do not have great standing endurance yet. The longer I am on my feet, the more my knees swell, get stiff and hurt. Overall, I feel I am doing well….. just having a ROM problem at this point. I will keep you posted on my progress.


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One thought on “Mark Moeller: Another Check in on Mark’s TKR Rehab”

  1. Hello! I am 9 months post-op of a tkr and on Dec 15th I will have the knee opened for the 5th time since sept 11, 2007. Originally, I had crushed my tibia plateau and fractured my tibia. I had a plate and screws placed, then I had lapro surgery because of pain and had my meniscus repaired. then I had the hardware removed in JAN 2010, and in April 2010 I had the tkr. The pain has continued since the original injury. All post traumatic. But now the tkr is loose, as my tibia is collapsing. The pain is 10! I was just to ortho doc for blood work for upcoming surgery. They are going to remove the one component and replace it with a small rod extending into the tibia and cement this component in. They will not know if the other component will need to be replaced and cemented until they open the knee up again. I am struggling to keep my chin up…..but my hope is that this one is the one surgery to take away the pain. Just a long process. During the tkr in april 2010 they also had to repair my mcl so I was in a non weight-bearing…non bending position for some time and the physical therapy was Rough! my ROM is around 105 right now. And am only hoping to regain that when I am done with this one. Please pray for a quick recovery. I have just recently turned 49. I started this whole ordeal at an almost complete 45 year old!! I was one month short of 46! Happy Thanksgiving…..

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