Physical Therapy Clinics Feel Recession, Insurance Co’s Tighten Up…

…we’ll work with you the very best we can.

It has been a challenging year in the healthcare field. The health insurance companies have not made it easy for providers to get paid for patient treatments, and almost impossible to keep up with changes in coding, billing procedures and authorizing visits. Copay’s have gone up, reimbursement has not gotten any better and now insurance companies are limiting the number of visits a patient can have depending on the injury.

We at Alpine Sports Medicine have tried to do our best with the current situation and work with each patient to make sure that their treatments are affordable but efficient. We have several patients that for whatever reason have only been able to attend therapy treatments a minimum of two times per week, not the recommended physician treatment plan of 3-4 times per week for 4-6 weeks. Some patients have had to come once or twice and then try to progress to home exercise programs. I know we are not the only PT organizations feeling this across the county.

So how do clinics continue to survive? Here at Alpine Sports Medicine we have been working really hard to educate all our patients with their particular insurance plan benefits, work out payment plans if necessary and most importantly get the patient back on their feet and back to their activity. We encourage each patient to feel like they can call before they start treatment ask questions, find out how much it is going to cost each treatment and understand the process at our facility. Each situation is different and being a locally owned facility with a commitment to quality customer service we are doing everything we can to make sure that each patients experience at our facility will be a positive one!

We look forward to a great summer here at Alpine Sports Medicine while we continue to provide quality physical therapy in the Park City area.


Author: alpinesportsmed

Alpine Sports Medicine provides physical therapy, orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, massage therapy, and hand therapy services. Our team of physical therapists, exercise specialists, and massage therapists provide each patient world-class, personalized care to assist them in full recovery from injury.

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